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Building Community by Helping Each Other


Submission and Approval


Submit Your Listing


Once you've entered your listing information, it is then submit for review by the community that has sponsored the HELPlist. This usually takes only a few days, but please allow up to a week. You will receive an e-mail notice concerning the outcome of that review.


Who Approves the Listings


There is a designated person from within your community that is the administrator of your HELPlist. This person will review your listing for acceptable content and verify that you indeed belong to that community. If they have questions, you will be contacted in efforts to understand and resolve any issues.


Why the Approval Process


The whole purpose for a community based business directory is to provide a safe place for families to find the help they need and provide a marketing channel that isn't overly competitive. Communities are usually based around a core set of beliefs or common interests. It is important that a business directory and the products and services offered within do not violate or go against the virtues.


More To Come


In the future we will have a customer evaluation, referral and ranking system. This will not effect a companies ability to be approved or stay approved, but rather as a service to the families as they evaluate a company prior to doing business with them.

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